Fire Guards NY

We understand the importance of protecting what matters most to you. Sometimes construction will result in the absence of a fire suppression system, then a firewatch is usually the best route to make sure that the ongoing construction is not affected by an unexpected event such as a fire or sometimes a plumbing malfunction where pipes may freeze and damage the structure.
1898 heralded the formation of the Greater City, an era had ended and the Department was embarked on it's tremendous task of merging 3 paid departments Firewatch Security Officers and coordinating and supervising the equipment and activities of 21 volunteer fire departments with 119 companies and more than 1400 members.

Now that you know what Fire Watch Services are, (whether you are a commercial real estate owner, a property manager or any other type of potential customer), if you're still asking yourself whether or not you need Fire Watch Services, chances are you probably do.
Our personnel are experts in their fields of operation, from close protection and pathfinding services abroad, to general security, fire watch and close protection services internationally, our employees and contractors bring a strong service ethos to everything they do.
If an Emergency Reporting System (ERS) street fire alarm box is not answered within 60 seconds, usually because all of the alarm receipt consoles are in use, the computer automatically dispatches an engine company to the location of the physical street fire alarm box.

There were 10 separate fire alarm systems, no standardization of apparatus and equipment, civil service regulations varied widely; the salary schedules of New York, Brooklyn and Long Island City were so far apart for the different ranks that firemen in New York received more pay than company officers in Long Island City.
Fire Watch patrols shall only be conducted by fire guards holding a COF. We are also one of the most highly trusted companies in the US and we are known for providing reliable fire watch services to many different fields. The Department's main goal is to provide fire protection and other critical public safety services to residents and visitors in the five boroughs.

New York City and New York State fire codes require that a New York City and FDNY certified fireguard be present at all public performances and to always be present at certain facilities. The USPA brand has grown from a one-man security guard company on Long Island in 2005, to a multi-national security guard firm operating in all 50 states and in 14 countries.

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