Bitcoin's MasterCard

EXCLUSIVE—Crypto wallet provider Wirex will be expanding its services to several new markets in 2018, including the United States, CEO Pavel Matveev told Bank Innovation. Ahead of bitcoin's recognition as an official form of payment in Japan from Saturday, Wirex , the blockchain personal finance platform, has unveiled new measures to ensure Japanese citizens and customers worldwide can fully benefit from cryptocurrency liberalisation in the country.
You can use fiat currency to buy cryptocurrency or vice versa. The Luxembourg-regulated Payment Institution combines multi-currency IBAN accounts, FX, global transfers, and Wirex pay ePayments into one easy-to-use cloud-based platform. Wirex has PCI DSS certification, which is the highest level of security certification for the payment card industry.

The Wirex prepaid card leverages i2c's payments processing platform, which allows card issuers to quickly create and scale high-value payment and digital commerce solutions on a single global SaaS platform with industry-leading reliability and security.
Here's how it works: you deposit your crypto assets to your free Nexo account (they can be BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, NEXO and BNB), and without any background check you get a loan as a credit line which would become instantly available on the card, all without having to sell your crypto assets.
However, since the release of Bitcoin, more and more people have adopted cryptocurrencies as an additional alternative to paying for things (you can read our guide about shopping with crypto here ). Providing users with a seemingly endless array of options of things that can be purchased with crypto is a determining factor towards the mass adoption of crypto, but the vast amount of options might make it a little bit daunting for people who are not familiar with them.

With this in mind, I deepened my research into Wirex debit cards that claim to combine high security with a range of features. A couple of days ago, I had a strange feeling that perhaps my rent payment I have sent from my WireX account did not get successfully sent.
There are no any exchange rates, but one thing that can impact the price is the bitcoin network fee, which is an indirect payment to bitcoin miners for their work. Banking with Wirex has the capability of opening up Bitcoin to the general population with its ease of use and simplicity.

Learn more about cryptocurrency wallets and trading at Bank Innovation 2018 in San Francisco on March 5-6. Payment methods also include credit and debit card which you can easily link to your wallet account. Elliptic's co-founders are driven by a belief that cryptocurrencies will play a vital role in building an open financial system, and that it will transform the way that people do business.
Wirex is an FCA regulated company (and a Money Service Business registered with FINTRAC in Canada), with over 2 million clients in 130 countries, processing over $2 billion in transactions every year. Contactless bitcoin payments, contactless cards, additional currencies and new bitcoin-based financial products are also planned to be launched soon.

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